How to cut an avocado, the smart way!


Cut the avocado in half and slice lengthwise. 

Then, slice the widthwise to make cute little squares.

Use a spoon to scoop out the pulp.

You are all done with no mess, enjoy! This is a great technique to use on mango or any fruits that have big pits.


  1. Do it all the time with mangoes, just never considered using the technique for avocados…

  2. Like using this cutting technique with both mangoes and avocados – instead of scooping, for an interesting presentation push the skin side up so the fleshy squares pop up. This is an easy (read messy) way to eat mango flesh off the skin and looks cute too.

  3. missgrill says:

    read this and thought, ‘love this technique for mangos too!’. aren’t we all smart cookies :)
    great tip to share though! i just had a friend over that was amazed when she saw me do this and thought it was brilliant.

  4. Excellent and Informative Post!

  5. I am glad you visited my blog so now that I have found yours! I like what I see and plan to follow you. Cute photo BTW. I need a new one desperately!!

  6. I use this technique! :)

  7. Hello Precious! I’ve nominated you for the One Lov3ly Blog Award due to your creative food ideas:^)

  8. Good idea. Thanks!

  9. Simple! Easy! I like it~ :)

  10. Who needs the fancy gadget? Great technique! I thought “the smart way” might be a better trick for popping the pit, as my “firmly plant blade of heavy knife into pit, twist” is a bit dodgy. Only a few friends have drawn blood, but a flimsy knife will slip and send you to the ER. How do you get the pit from a mango?

  11. great tip! i always manage to mess up an avacado… hopefully it’s part of the past now :).

  12. I was doing this with my mangoes before. never thought of that with avocados. :-)

  13. What a great technique, I usually mash my Avocados.

  14. That’s a great trick! Its nice to find a blog where the basics are not missed. I’ll be referring to your blog more often when I start cooking! :)
    (btw thanks for the like on my blog)

  15. Thank you Angela for liking my post about South Indian gunpowder! It’s great that you showcase the ingredients you use as the first photo, I appreciate the value each one adds to the specific dish you are making. As for cutting the avocado, it’s an avocado, I have no patience for that-I just squeeze the flesh out or scoop it;) By the way, have you tried an avocado shake before? I’m pretty sure you just need a blender, these alligator pears (another name for ’em) and palm sugar (or even chocolate syrup), at least that’s what I thought the vendors in Jakarta used!

  16. Wow, I fel so stupid. This looks so easy! :)

    I love your blog!


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